Voice Over

Let Space Cowboy Audio take the hassle out of finding the right voice talent for your project. We work with the best voice talent this side of the Milky Way, and can find you the perfect match. From casting to final production we can produce voice-­over content for any format of media:

  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Video games
  • Radio spots
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Toys
  • Software applications
  • Mobile devices
  • Websites
  • Kiosks
  • Appliances
  • On­hold messages

Check out some of our past work below.

  • Commercial VO demo

    Featuring (in order of appearance): Heath Morrow, Avery Smithhart, Steven Gimenez, Avery Smithhart, Luci Christian, John Swasey

  • Corporate/Industrial VO demo

    Featuring (in order of appearance): John Swasey, Luci Christian, David Matranga

  • My Hero Academia Promo – “Roll Call” ­ Tsuyu Asui

    Featuring: Luci Christian

  • Bring it to Jerome – (episode 09) Wade Phillips brings it to Jerome part 1

    Credit – Co­producer

  • Looped In – (episode 04) Talk of the Tower: Part 2 (Don't Call me Ashby)

    Credit – Co­producer